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Affirmations for today

This being one of those days where life just keeps disrupting my carefully laid plans, I reached for my 12 step file and flipped through the pages until I found what I needed to detach from my to do list.  

  1. I am connected to others and the world around me, both the positive and the negative. I can only do what I can do. Thus I embrace all of myself – my capacity to destroy and my capacity to create. I am connected to everyone and everything, whether here or far away. I am a part of all that is.
  2. I trust. I trust myself to know what is good for me. I trust others to  know what is best for them, for ultimately we are one. I trust the universe and the God of the universe, so I need not worry about tomorrow or whether things will turn out to suit me or not.
  3. I know. In my deep intuitive mind, in my innermost person, I know what I need to know. In particular I am coming to know my purpose and the unique role that is mine to play.
  4. I am responsible. I am responsible for what I feel and do. Whatever stories I may have told myself in the past  such as “He was the one who made me angry.” or “I can’t help it.” or ”’’I’ll never be any good.” I now know it is more honest to admit that I choose my feelings and the messages I send myself. I am responsible for the spin I give things because at some level I have come into agreement with the messages I have chosen to take in from others. In that way, I am responsible for everything that happens to me.
  5. I have only one desire for my life… to follow my heart and longings to become one with the God of all things and in all things.  I have no greater ambitions, plans, goals, and beliefs beyond  knowing and accepting myself as a beloved child of God. By accepting myself as a beloved child of God, I can be active in the world without becoming attached to specific outcomes.

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