High School Athletes take the next step

As hundreds of high school senior athletes play in the last games of their career, it’s worth asking what they got out of their experiences. Is the emphasis on sports a distraction from school studies or does it provide a support system for many students’ passions? According to Scholarshipstats.com, just over 7% of all high

FASD, expecting success, preps for spring sports

Although not the largest of our six school districts, Fairfield Area School District (FASD) brings a vibrant sports program to the table. The Fairfield Area Knights are a small district with big dreams. As the spring sports season opens, FASD is fielding junior varsity and varsity boys’ baseball, varsity girls’ softball, and boys’ and girls’

After Dark Investigations explores Gettysburg’s haunted side

Gettysburg is known not only as one of the country’s most historical towns, but also one of the most haunted. Susan Barton and Grayson Stuber have experienced many instances of local paranormal activity first-hand over the past decade. Barton is a co-founder and Stuber is the manager of After Dark Investigations, a paranormal investigation team