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Bermudian’s book ban is a needless affront to school personnel

Bermudian Springs School District (BSSD)’s recent change to its Resource Materials policy that bans “sexual content” from reference books, instructional materials, multimedia materials, maps, library books, periodicals, and software is a spectacular failure to recognize their competent, professional staff’s ability to follow the law.

Pornography, which Miriam-Webster defines as, “depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement” is already against the law for adults to supply to minors, yet the BSSD is tacitly asserting that their certified educators, Title IX Coordinator, and other mandated reporters cannot be trusted to make appropriate determinations about materials they provide to students. 

If BSSD cannot trust its own personnel to follow the law and not supply pornograpy to minors, it calls into question what other laws the school board believes its own staff are incapable of following.

In short, this new policy is a needless and burdensome overlay that wastes the time, energy, and resources of personnel, students, and taxpayers all because elected board members have created a false equivalency between any reference to sexuality to illegal pornography.

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