Bermudian’s book ban is a needless affront to school personnel

beth farnham

Bermudian Springs School District (BSSD)’s recent change to its Resource Materials policy that bans “sexual content” from reference books, instructional materials, multimedia materials, maps, library books, periodicals, and software is a spectacular failure to recognize their competent, professional staff’s ability to follow the law. Pornography, which Miriam-Webster defines as, “depiction of erotic behavior (as in

How undocumented immigrants contribute to the economy

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Undocumented immigrants pay federal taxes. Undocumented immigrants pay state taxes. Undocumented immigrants pay local taxes. Undocumented immigrants pay sales taxes. To know the above information is to accept boring truths – that people who live among us in the 13th Congressional District and pick our fruit, staff our tourism industry, prepare our food, maintain our

Farnham wraps up her write-in campaign

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Democrat Beth Farnham ran a write-in campaign against incumbent Representative in Congress for the 13th District, Republican John Joyce.  Preliminary numbers suggest she received about 3,000 votes although Joyce won the contest. This write-in campaign was always a long shot since its inception three weeks ago. However, my numbers would not be where they are today