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Farnham wraps up her write-in campaign

Democrat Beth Farnham ran a write-in campaign against incumbent Representative in Congress for the 13th District, Republican John Joyce.  Preliminary numbers suggest she received about 3,000 votes although Joyce won the contest.

This write-in campaign was always a long shot since its inception three weeks ago. However, my numbers would not be where they are today without the fantastic support that propelled it early on. From members of the Adams County Democratic Committee and its supporters, to friends old and new, near and far, across District 13, everyone who shared the campaign made the difference in the number of votes accrued. Not only does this speak to how hard people worked to get the word out, it reflects our deep desire to have a Democratic candidate in this race.

During this whirlwind of a campaign, I ran across several voters who expressed relief at having an alternative to an election-denying, anti-choice Republican, as is incumbent John Joyce. Even though many understood the odds, the issues were too precious to voters to simply relinquish to John Joyce without a fight. Like me, many voters will not hand over our precious democracy, nor our bodily autonomy.

beth farnham1

Considering their divorce from reality, rejection of accountability,  and aversion to democracy as they slide further into conspiracy theories, Republicans are not only failing to draw inmore voters, but beginning to alienate their own. This is evidenced by the Republican inability to predict the landslide win of governor-elect Josh Shapiro, and the victory for senator-elect John Fetterman as Republicans foolishly kept proclaiming a “Red Wave” that didn’t happen.

For the future, Democrats need only to improve our underlying committee structure and use it to keep reaching younger and newer voters. If this is what our party can achieve in a last minute write-in campaign, imagine what we will accomplish with a well-organized one over two years. Democrats already have Truth, Justice, and the American Way on our side. We just have to keep reminding folks.

beth farnham
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Elect Beth Farnham as US Representative for Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District on November 5, 2024 to preserve our Democracy, recreate a functioning Congress, defend Public Education, and enshrine into law our Reproductive Freedom, Gun Safety, Universal Healthcare, and Immigration Reform.

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Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller
1 year ago

When it comes taking a position on subjects a person taking an extreme view while generalizing why they hold this position is an indication of emotional narrative and not a valid stance. Beth Farmham is one such person. Nothing of what I have read about her views displays anything but emotional opinions. Beth has done nothing but insult the people of the 13th District. She projects upon the constituents and makes unverifiable statements that are basically false. One is the violence of the police enacted upon blacks. If she were truly interested in the topic she would discover this violence… Read more »

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