Community Gardens

Word has it that the community gardens at the Ag Center have been closed by Penn State Extension, for reasons we can easily understand and do not question.

This means there may be a few disappointed, displaced wannabe gardeners who will need to get their fingers in the dirt somewhere else this year.

Could you, or someone you know, spare a few square feet of ground for a guest to garden?

You don’t have to be much of a prognosticator to imagine that we may be encountering food supply chain disruptions in the foreseeable future. If we believed that, what kinds of adaptive workarounds would we be developing?

Well, maybe we’d put more energy and resources into producing and distributing even more of our food locally than we already do! Maybe we’d be on the lookout for new opportunities to match emergent needs with untapped, possibly unknown-till-now resources, one-on-one and beyond

And we’re not starting from scratch here, by any means. We have a wealth of resources among us, human and otherwise. I’m eager to see how many new, innovative ways we can link these resources up!

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Carolyn George first acquired an Adams County address in 1978, even though USPS didn't list the mythical land of "West Orrtanna" in its zip code directory. Carolyn's background includes a twenty-three-year stint as Director of the Catholic Charities Counseling Office in Chambersburg, operating a forklift at Knouse Foods for eight years, and seven years of cleaning up after the public in her pre-retirement "geezer gig" as a custodian at the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center. Since retiring from there in 2020, Carolyn has been reveling in her volunteer involvement with the Adams County Farmers Market Association and several other wonderful local Better World organizations.

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