Forward thinking needed in Adams

We can only say the world is changing in “unforeseen” ways if we haven’t been paying attention. We haven’t yet experienced widespread disruptions here in Adams County, but things like supply shortages, crop losses, property and infrastructure damage, and prolonged power outages, are becoming daily more conceivable in light of what we see happening in …

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Making our Democracy Work Locally

“American democracy works because America makes it work at the local level.” The moment I heard Joe Biden utter these words in his Electoral College victory speech on December 12, 2020, they became my rallying cry for the next four years. This statement suggests to me that whatever we can do locally to foster the …

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Adam County Farmers Market Seeks Volunteers

I just saw on the Adams County Farmers Market Association Facebook page an appeal for “Social Solidarity Volunteers,” people who would help load orders into customers’ cars at the Farmers Market as part of the new safe distancing practices. I applied, partly just because of the irresistible job title!

Thinking Forward Together

I’m still yearning for more local conversation about what we’re gonna do to take care of ourselves from now on, primarily here at the local level (i.e., within reach of what each of us can do personally), but very much in sync with larger efforts.   I just heard a general in the U.S. Army …

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What Can I Do?I

It’s all so overwhelming. The Big Picture, at least as much of it as I can see, absolutely paralyzes me. What can I do? Well, for starters, what do I have to work with Right Here, Right Now? Well, what I mostly see is (drumroll) unbounded wealth! I live modestly, but have enough money in …

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Community Gardens

Word has it that the community gardens at the Ag Center have been closed by Penn State Extension, for reasons we can easily understand and do not question. This means there may be a few disappointed, displaced wannabe gardeners who will need to get their fingers in the dirt somewhere else this year. Could you, …

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