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Coping From Home with Hobbes, Neely, and Bridget

Hi neighbor!

Coping at home is working out quite well, thank you.

I was laid off from my last commuting job on Nov. 1, 2006, and have been freelancing–with some ups and downs–ever since. Working at home has been part of my routine for years. Even though I’m mostly retired from medical editing, I’m maintaining some other freelance projects plus some part-time work for an association in Baltimore.

So the big difference in my life lately is that I’m not traveling to Baltimore once a week. We’ve been testing out a video conferencing web program and my co-workers and I will keep in touch that way going forward.


If I were going to feel isolated and lonely, I got that out of my system before I moved into the borough in late 2010. I love being in a walkable neighborhood. I have a young standard poodle boy (just over 6 months) who is new to my household. He joins my 8-year-old standard poodle and my 14-year-old rat terrier. They are very good company (better than some people).  In my attached photo, the new guy, Hobbes, is on the left and Neely is on the right. Bridget did not cooperate on the photo shoot.

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