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COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Continues in Adams

Adams County health care providers received 800 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine last week, in addition to the 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine received by the hospital three weeks ago.

The vaccines now are available for distribution through the Cumberland Adams Pharmacy, located in the Kennie’s Market in Biglerville, to all people who are in Phase 1A of the state’s rollout system (See table below).

Phase 1A is the first of four phases of the state’s vaccine rollout and includes health-care workers, including doctors, nurses, dentists, counselors, physical therapists, speech pathologists, and others.

Long-term care nursing home facility residents are being administered their vaccines through a separate program administered by CVS pharmacies.

People who are in phase 1A occupations and who wish to receive a vaccine should email bgobin@careoptionsrx.com for an appointment. Appointments are being scheduled in the pharmacy beginning Thursday Jan 14.

Cumberland Valley pharmacist Bryan Gobin said the vaccine is free and that the pharmacy would bill patients’ health insurance for the cost of the administration. Gobin said most health insurance plans would cover the cost of the injection.

Gobin said the pharmacy is likely to begin immunizing people in phase 1B, which includes those over 75 years old, education workers, postal workers, and others, very soon and that people in this group could also send an email to request information.

Gobin said he had contacted the Biglerville Fire Department about potentially hosting a clinic there and that he had reached out to local pharmacy schools to find people qualified to give the vaccine. 

“We’re ready to go. We’re OK to get more,” said Gobin.

Pharmacists at Cumberland Adams administered almost 400 doses of the Moderna vaccine in Cumberland and Perry Counties last week.

Gobin could not say when vaccination of individuals in Phase 1C would begin, but he expected to be getting more vaccines in the near future. “We have the bandwith.  We have 10 pharmacists who can immunize,” said Gobin.

The PA state vaccine website reports that as of today 764 people in the county have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 83 have received both of the recommended doses.

Gettysburg Hospital reported today that it has expanded its vaccination program to all WellSpan employees, registered EMS first responders, and healthcare providers and staff.

Phase 1APhase 1BPhase 1CPhase 2
Long-term care facility residents

Health care personnel including, but not limited to:
• Emergency medical service personnel
• Nurses
• Nursing assistants
• Physicians
• Dentists
• Dental hygienists
• Chiropractors
• Therapists
• Phlebotomists
• Pharmacists
• Technicians
• Pharmacy technicians
• Health professions students and trainees
• Direct support professionals
• Clinical personnel in school settings or correctional facilities
• Contractual HCP not directly employed by the health care facility
• Persons not directly involved in patient care but potentially exposed to infectious material that can transmit disease among or from health care personnel and patients
​• People ages 75 and older
• People in congregate settings not otherwise specified as LTCF and persons receiving home and community-based services
• First responders
• Correctional officers and other workers serving people in congregate care settings not included in Phase 1A  
• Food and agricultural workers
• U.S. Postal Service workers
• Manufacturing workers  
• Grocery store workers  
• Education workers
• Clergy and other essential support for houses of worship
• Public transit workers
• Individuals caring for children or adults in early childhood and adult day programs
​• People ages 65-74
• People aged 16-64 with high risk conditions causing increased risk for severe disease
Essential workers in these sectors:
• Transportation and logistics
• Water and wastewater
• Food service
• Housing construction
• Finance, including bank tellers
• Information technology
• Communications
• Energy, including nuclear reactors
• Legal services
• Federal, state, county and local government workers, including county election workers, elected officials and members of the judiciary and their staff
• Media
• Public safety
• Public health workers
​• All individuals not previously covered who are 16 and older and do not have a contraindication to the vaccine (note that at this time, only the Pfizer-BioNTech product is approved for those age 16 and 17)

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  • My wife and I just made appointments via our Wellspan patient portals for our first vaccination shot for Covid-19. The COVID-19 appointment option just appeared today. It seems the Governor has added my over 65 group to the 1a group. You can call for an appointment as well.

    • The Wellspan portal has not been updated with any option to request the second vaccination shot. I note this morning that all available time slots have been assigned. I do not know more than I am reading on the portal.

  • The Covid vaccine article was very good, my husband and I are way over 65 and have been trying to at least register to get the vaccine from Rite Aid in New Oxford, the process is very hard and frustrating for us. How hard is it to register at Wellspan, do you intend to put an article on here about that?

    • You need to register to create a Wellspan Patient Portal account. Then you can make an appointment for the vaccine. Last I looked, their calendar looked full. I assume it will open again as the supply chain swells? First, set up your account.

    • When you get your first shot your provider will tell you how to schedule the second. (At least as far as I know).

    • It seems that most providers are providing the opportunity to schedule the 2nd shot after you get the 1st one. So you shouldn’t need to be concerned about that.

  • I am 65, my husband is 66 and we have a 30 year old son who is disabled. We live in Carlisle and we all need our first dose. Where can we go to get our shots?

    • Maureen, I’ll put you on my email list and contact you as soon as I hear anything. You could try calling the Quality Care Pharmacy in Carlisle.

    • Clyde, I’ll put you on my email list in case something comes up. Right now the providers are not scheduling any vaccines. I’m so sorry.

    • I. Have been trying for 2 weeks every day to sign up for the vaccine. I am 67 yrs old.
      Can you add me to your list!

  • My wife and I am both in our 70’s. We would like to get on a list for the 1st vaccination. We are retired so we can travel for the vaccination. Almost any Pa. county would be fine with us.

  • My wife and I am both in our 70’s. We would like to get on a list for the 1st vaccination. We are retired so we can travel for the vaccination. Almost any Pa. county would be fine with us.

  • 2/17 from Wellspan Patient Portal:
    “We encourage you to use or create a MyWellSpan account to receive updates, add yourself to the COVID-19 Vaccine Interest Questionnaire, and to make the appointment scheduling process easier.”

    Does anyone know if the questionnaire puts you on a list? Trying to find a Vaccine for my 94-year-old Dad who is NOT in assisted living or nursing home. Fairfield/Gettysburg area.

  • My husband has cops and is 79. I will be 75 in April and have lung issues. I have been trying to get on a list for the vaccine. I’m not great on the computer either. Please help us

    • I am seventy and my bride and I got our first vaccination on Friday at the Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital. To make an appointment, create a patient portal account at Wellspan. Begin to make an appointment and it may medicate that they are not making any appointments now, but register on a list and they will be in touch with you. Or call the central number….

  • The Covid Vaccine availability is ridiculous in Adams County. My husband and I are both eligible to get the vaccine. My husband, 71, has diabetes and heart issues. I am 71 and have restrictive lung disease as well as being overweight. Should not be this hard to get the vaccine.

  • I also need a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Do you at least have a sign-up list to call people as doses become available?

  • I live out of state and have been trying to get an appointment for my 87 year old mother. She lives in Gettysburg. Pennsylvania’s system of trying to get a vaccination is very frustrating – any suggestions or tips on how better to navigate this!!

  • >