Gettysburg College announces health protocols for fall semester

As students return to campus over the next few weeks, Gettysburg College has implemented strong anti-COVID policies designed to keep them safe.

According to campus officials, the college will begin the semester with an outstanding vaccination rate, with the expectation that more than 93% of faculty, staff, and students will be fully vaccinated. The college says vaccination is the single most important measure in its ability to return to a normal academic and social environment.

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The college has been monitoring the trajectory of the delta variant, with a particular focus on its impact in Adams County. As has occurred elsewhere in the country, cases in Adams County have spiked, together with COVID-19 admissions to local hospitals. The county has moved into the CDC’s “high transmission” designation.

Indoor Masking

Effective Monday, August 23, all individuals at the college — regardless of their vaccination status — will be required to wear a mask while inside campus buildings, unless they are inside their assigned room or apartment, in their personal office or workspace, or when eating or drinking.

No capacity limits have been imposed on outdoor gatherings, but the college urges students to wear a mask when in town.


Unvaccinated students and employees will be required to have a COVID-19 PCR test every week.


Visitors and guests are not permitted in residence halls, with a one-time exception for families who are moving in students.

The campus noted that these policies are consistent with those being rolled out at each of the other Centennial Conference schools, and that they will continue to monitor public health guidance and infection rates, and will adapt protocols as data warrants.

Interested individuals can find campus announcements and alert levels at the college’s COVID-19 website

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2 years ago

As is typical when mandating a testing protocol, what are the specifics of this testing mandate? Where, how, and is it free? They are quick to establish a testing requirement, but utterly fail to set forth other important details. Moreover, what are the parameters of those few who can’t get vaccinated? There are such people out there. Not anti-vaxers, but people who for medical reasons just can’t take a vaccine. Until such topics are addressed, protocol information is badly incomplete.

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
2 years ago
Reply to  olddad68

I’m guessing these specifics have been addressed by the college — they are very thorough. But they weren’t mentioned in the letter to students on their website.

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