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How To Vote by Mail in Pennsylvania

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For the first time this year all Pennsylvanians can vote by mail. With the COVID-19 virus striking us during the primary season it is good to have this option. There is no way of knowing that it will be safe to go to the polls on June 2nd. All you need to do is fill out an application for a mail-in ballot and send it to Adams County Office of Elections.


One of the easiest ways to obtain the application is to go to


print it off, fill it out and send it to:

Adams County Office of Elections

Elections and Voter Registration
​117 Baltimore Street
Room 106​
​Gettysburg, PA 17325

If you do not use a computer or choose not to go to the on-line site, you may call the Adams County Office of Elections at 717-337-9832 to request that an application be mailed to you. Calls are answered during normal business hours, even during the pandemic.

The last day to apply for a Mail in ballot for the June 2nd primary is May 26, 2020 but you should apply as soon as possible. It takes time for the ballot to be mailed to you and for you to then mail it back to the Office of Elections, and there is only one week between the deadline to apply and the deadline for the ballot to be returned to the Office of Elections.

When the Elections Office approves your application, they will send you an E mail telling you it has been approved and that your mail-in ballot is on its way.
You will receive your packet and it will include:
• an instruction sheet,
• the ballot,
• the Secrecy Envelope (labeled “Official Mail-In Ballot”) into which the ballot is put,
• and the outer envelope used to return the ballot to the Elections Office.
On the back of the outer envelope is a declaration which MUST be signed by the voter. That’s like signing the book at your precinct when you vote in person and identifies you as the voter.

To be counted it must be received in the Elections Office by June 2nd. Remember, if you vote by mail you CAN NOT go to the polls and vote on June 2nd

There is another advantage to applying to vote by mail is that you can choose to be sent a ballot for the November election later this year. Simply check the block for “Annual Mail-in Request”.

Not only is this a Presidential election year, but Adams Countians will be voting for U.S. Congress, State Senate & Representative and a number of State offices and delegates to their Party’s National Conventions. YOUR VOTE IS IMPORTANT!


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Pete Vogel is a writer and photographer in the Gettysburg Area.

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