Laced drugs cause deaths in South Central PA

The following notice was posted today on the Littlestown Police Department’s Savvy Citizen app.

Over the past several days there appears to be a batch of illegal drugs that have hit the streets in South Central Pa.

Over the past weekend, multiple overdoses have occurred which has also resulted in multiple deaths.

Apparently, from what we know so far, the drugs are laced with cocaine and a packaged synthetic that has yet to be identified.

Law enforcement and healthcare personnel are working to identify the substance as well as its origin in an attempt to get it off the street before any further deaths occur.

That being said, addiction to an illegal substance is a fact and it occurs for a lot of reasons. I am not issuing this notice to judge anyone, our purpose is to warn the public that this stuff is out there and it can cause death or serious injury.

If you come in contact with this substance either on purpose or by accident due to a family member or friend who may have overdosed, it is possible you could fall victim if you accidentally breathe it in or get it on your hands.

We would anticipate it will have dire consequences if a small child is accidentally exposed.

If you suffer from addiction we urge you to seek professional help. Multiple avenues of assistance are available free of charge to get you the help you need.

If you have a family member or know someone who is suffering from addiction, please make sure they are aware this stuff is currently on the streets.

We are asking for public assistance to help identify this dangerous substance before anyone loses their life.

We urge you to contact law enforcement officials if you have any knowledge of the source of this substance.

All information provided will remain confidential.

Here is a list of phone numbers for Adams County Police Departments:

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Ryan Kerney
Ryan Kerney
8 months ago

It would be helpful to know what these people thought they were using.

Charles Stangor
Charles Stangor
8 months ago
Reply to  Ryan Kerney

Agree but the initial police report didn’t say

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