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New State Vaccine Dashboard Shows only a Third of Available Adams County Vaccines Have Been Used

The newly-released Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccine dashboard, which reports the number of vaccinations administered by county, shows that only 336 people have been vaccinated in Adams since the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine almost three weeks ago.

The Department of Health reported last week that 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine had been delivered to Gettysburg Wellspan Hospital but a Wellspan spokesperson did not explain why the vaccines had not been used, saying “employed, contracted and independent providers, clinical and ancillary support staff actively working in the areas who may come in direct contact with COVID-19 patients in either inpatient or outpatient settings have been invited to sign up to get vaccinated and that number varies from hospital to hospital depending on the size of the facility. The vaccine distribution sites remain open and actively distributing vaccine to eligible health care workers as they schedule their appointments.”

Also suggesting we may be in for a long wait, there is no indication of when more vaccines will arrive in the county or who is going to get them when they do.

According to information given to the state by the federal vaccine program Operation Warp Speed, 126 long-term Care Facilities across the commonwealth are scheduled to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, but no timeline has been reported.

Secretary of Health Rachel Levine announced today a new program that requires vaccine providers, such as hospitals and pharmacies, to designate at least 10 percent of their vaccine shipments for non-affiliated health care providers to ensure there is supply available.

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  • we need better answers
    are they holding it for the 2nd round of shots 3 weeks later?? are they making 10 % available elsewhere as recently said by levine ? OR is no one signing up because of fears of mishandling, side affects, etc?

  • So while the article states that no reason was given for the delay, ” eligible health care workers as they schedule their appointments ” sounds to me like there are a bunch of health care workers that do not have concern for their own health or Wellspan is not mandating their employees get the vaccine despite the program putting them first in line for inoculation. Do they need to be vaccinated before the elderly and other at risk people are getting protected against the virus? Better answers needed indeed!

    • There really hasn’t been a lot of information from Wellspan. The vaccine dashboard now says 481 doses have been administered in the county. The slow rate is definitely concerning but I’m optimistic the vaccination rate will increase. Having a national administration that pays more attention to the pandemic will be helpful.

  • OK, many of us are not health care workers but we’re over 80 and have absolutely no idea of how to ‘sign up’ for an appointment. We’ve received absolutely no information regarding how to do so. Where do we go to get this information. I’m certainly not the only one with these questions. Is there anyone who can help us?

  • Any official information about distribution of and obtaining the vaccine would be most welcome by most of us. Even my physician’s office is unable to provide ANY information about how, where and by whom we mere mortals will be obtaining the vaccine.

  • Virginia is already scheduling people over 75 for their shots. What’s the holdup here. There is just as much chaos on this as there was about counting votes. Is that a reflection of Pennsylvania government management. I think so.

  • My parents live in Adams County and they are 84 and 85 and they have no idea how to get the vaccine. Meanwhile where I live in NY state, people over 65 are already getting appointments for the vaccine.

  • I know that this probably a nightmare to try and organize and that we are in dire need of more people who can give the shots as most currently employed health care workers already have full time jobs. However, The lack of information is appalling . Even if they don’t know, say so. Or at least say what the plan is. Is Wellspan responsible for this?

    • Hello Katniss, I have approved this post because the topic is timely even though you did not include your first and last name. Normally I require that.

      I’m no expert, and it’s hard to really know why the distribution is so slow because as you accurately put it, “the lack of information is appalling.”

      I’d say Wellspan is doing what they can with the vaccines they have received. If the numbers we get from the state dashboards are right, they’ve pretty much used them up. But the vaccines only arrive in small numbers every two or three weeks. So in terms of blame, I would not point to Wellspan.

      The state is working with a huge problem as you point out. How do they get these vaccines to pharmacies and then into people? They’re delivering what they have I guess, but slowly. One issue is paperwork. Every pharmacy and doctor I’ve talked to who has applied to get vaccines said the paperwork was atrocious.

      The regulations involve both CDC and state DOH. It’s a three or four stage process, you don’t know if you’re ever going to make it, and then suddenly, if you’re lucky, vaccines land on your doorstep. Then you have to figure out how to hire people to administer them and find venues to do it.

      The state is never transparent — they try but the documents they share are very difficult to understand. I’d say some blame lies with the state. How much? Don’t know.

      Then there is also the federal government which should be taking the lead and is not. They said they would vaccinate 20 million people by the end of the year. About 10 million have been as of today.

      Biden has what appears to be a solid plan. He’s made coronavirus his number one priority, and says he can vaccinate 100 million people in his first 100 days. Can he do it? I don’t know. Things are going to get worse still before they get better. But he has a considered plan and that’s all you can hope for I guess.

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