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Home » News » Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Signs Fourth Emergency Declaration

Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Signs Fourth Emergency Declaration

(The Center Square) – Gov. Tom Wolf signed a 90-day statewide emergency declaration for COVID-19 on Friday, the fourth such order since March 6, 2020.

“COVID-19 vaccinations have begun, but we are still in the early stages of vaccine administration,” he said. “We will continue to prioritize a safe, efficient and equitable distribution process, and expect vaccinations to increase as the federal government makes more vaccine available to states.”

Wolf said the ongoing declaration ensures the state’s access to federal pandemic relief, allowing agencies to respond faster to emerging outbreaks and, now, improve vaccine administration. 

Pennsylvania Governor’s Office

“This renewal will allow the commonwealth to maintain its response and support efforts as we continue testing, contact tracing and vaccination efforts to keep Pennsylvanians safe,” he said.

But it’s been a source of frustration for the Republican-controlled Legislature that says Wolf uses the orders to justify unilateral and draconian pandemic restrictions without their input. 

The strain grew so great that lawmakers advanced a constitutional amendment in just seven months to allow voters to decide the extent of the governor’s emergency powers. The referendum will appear on the May 18 primary ballot.

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  • My fiancee has yet to receive his unemployment since November… He went back to work in June instead of sitting on his behind and now is being punished for it with no income

  • I been trying to get on a list for a vaccine and cant seem to get on any list ,I’m 6y yrs old I have COPD and emphysema,,so please tell me how I can get a shot ,I’m so upset ,because I cant seem to get on a list ,these places shut there phones off and wont take your name or anything once they are full ,they say u have to wait until they get more in and then they will turn there phones back on ,I even tried to get on on line and tried ,but cant seem to get on line to get on list ,so please tell me where to go and try to get on a list thank u so much !!

    • Two life is taking care of us elderly just like they did with nursing home patients!!! I’m tired of this state we are looking to move to Florida! they took care of elderly first my cousins all got vaccines first week of distribution

  • The Republican majority has been wrong, immensely misinformed about the science governing public health and are following the mythology of power acheiving of Prince Machavilain in a most dispecable way.

  • I am calling on behalf of my husband James and myself Donna Libonate. I am very frustrated at the lack of access to vaccines for seniors especially those with underlying conditions such as my husband and myself. I have our name in on multiple places and no response. I truly believe the seniors especially those with underlying conditions will have access in the very very near future to the vaccine.

  • As others have stated I too have been trying to get shots my husband is on oxygen and has copd and other health issues. All I get is there is no where to get one with in 50 mile of my rural home. This is a terrible way to treat seniors.

  • We are disgusted cannot stand your decisions based on no science just about control and destroying peoples lives …
    Open up Pa!!!

    You have no leadership skills made a mess of our economy with over extension of closures and restrictions
    Now the vaccine distribution is a disaster my hubby is 70 and he got on list for shot their are66 thousand ahead of him …… ?? Get a plan!!! For distribution!

    • Totally agree with you. Wolf needs to go. We are tired of being locked down and wearing mask. Where r our politicians to protect us and STOP Wolfe! This gets old very fast! I am tired of the lock downs and masks!

  • >