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Please Consider Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor

With so many people running for leading offices in our state during the upcoming primary, several of whom are not even Pennsylvanians, I would like to call attention to Austin Davis, a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. At least 48 state representatives support his candidacy. And Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is now running for Governor, has endorsed Mr. Davis for this position. As Shapiro is highly respected and well-liked by many Pennsylvanians, his endorsement of Davis should mean a lot. 

So what is Austin Davis’s background? An African American native of McKeesport in the Mon Valley, an industrial center outside Pittsburgh, Davis knows from personal experience the struggles of many working families. In his high school years, he founded and served as chairman of Mayor Jim Brewster’s Youth Advisory Council, helping combat rising youth violence and providing his peers with ways to become involved in civic life. A first-generation college graduate in his family, he studied political science at the University of Pittsburgh. Upon graduation he began pursuing a career in public service. The Tribune Review called him (at age 21) already a “veteran at the politics of helping others.”

In 2018 Davis successfully ran for the state House of Representatives, representing Allegheny County. He became one of only four African Americans to represent a majority white district.  As representative, he is active on several House committees, including Appropriations, Consumer Affairs, Insurance, and Transportation. He is chair of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation and vice chair of the House Democratic Policy Committee. In addition, he is a member of the Pennsylvania Black Caucus, the Climate Caucus and PA SAFE Caucus.

Austin Davis’s campaign is to empower working families and continue a career of fighting  for equality for all people, regardless of race or sexual orientation.

Democrats, be sure to vote on May 17 (or earlier by mail), and please consider voting for Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor.

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Jeanne Duffy, Ph.D., has served as a college professor, an analyst and project manager for several large companies, and a college administrator in charge of foundation and government support. She is on the Steering Committee of Gettysburg Democracy for America and a member of its Government Accountability and Healthcare task forces.

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