Medicaid’s Great Unwinding

In March 2020, when the pandemic was in its full fury, the federal government took emergency measures that prohibited states from removing people from the Medicaid program. In exchange, the states were given increased federal Medicaid funding. More than 23 million people were added to Medicaid and the Children’s Health Enrollment Program (CHIP), reaching 95

What I look for in a Candidate

When I evaluate a candidate, I look first at their basic character. Do they exhibit dignity, honesty, intelligence, and empathy?  Then I look at their purpose in running.  Candidates who demonstrate a commitment to public service win high marks. If they are running for office primarily to gain power, that is, for me, a major

Please Consider Austin Davis for Lieutenant Governor

With so many people running for leading offices in our state during the upcoming primary, several of whom are not even Pennsylvanians, I would like to call attention to Austin Davis, a Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor. At least 48 state representatives support his candidacy. And Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who is now running for Governor, has

What’s at Stake For Healthcare in this Election?

For healthcare, just about everything is at stake, and, as usual, it’s complicated.  Trump is now hell-bent on killing the entire Affordable Care Act, and although many Republicans would like to do the same, they are fearful that this might hurt their re-election chances due to the large number of people (a minimum of 20