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U.S. Congress HR1: For the People Act Would Provide Needed Changes

Are you concerned about the state of our democracy today? — that the majority of people are not heard or are ignored by those who are pledged to represent them? The For The People Act (HR 1) would make a major difference for our democracy. It would enact small-donor funded elections, expand early voting, provide for automatic voter registration, allow vote-by-mail for any voter who wants it, provide for disclosure of secret campaign spending, and ensure impartial redistricting, ethics reforms, and more. These measures would make our democracy more responsive and elected officials more accountable to ordinary people like you and me.

The House is expected to vote on this important, bipartisan bill within the next two weeks.

Please call or e-mail your Representative and urge him to support HR 1: For the People Act. Tell him that you are his constituent and indicate that this bill, which has bipartisan support, will strengthen our democracy. Here is the contact information for Districts 13 and 10: John Joyce: (202) 225-2431; Scott Perry (202) 225-5836.  You can also email them on their websites: and

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Jeanne Duffy, Ph.D., has served as a college professor, an analyst and project manager for several large companies, and a college administrator in charge of foundation and government support. She is on the Steering Committee of Gettysburg Democracy for America and a member of its Government Accountability and Healthcare task forces.

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