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Rec park improvements continue

A new year brings new goals and Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority has several plans this year to improve and update several areas around the rec park.

One of these goals has already been completed this year thanks to Cumberland Township. There were multiple trees around the dog park and path surrounding the dog park that had died over the past years. As 2021 brought several severe storms, there were concerns that some of those dead trees would fall into the dog park. Cumberland Township staff came out in early January and removed w14 dead trees. Gettysburg Rec Park has lost many trees over the years to disease and age. Gettysburg Green Gathering has been planting donated trees in the park the past several years. They will again be planting trees this year so that for every tree lost, they will be replaced.

The rec park will also be giving facelifts to several buildings in the park. The rec park has two sets of restrooms in the park. The south end restrooms, located near the dog park, have been open for roughly 40 years. The restrooms located outside the Sterner Building have been in the park for 20 years. This year, the park plans to update the restrooms with a fresh coat of paint and eventually updated fixtures. The south end restrooms will open for the year towards the end of March and the Sterner Building outside restrooms are open all year round.

The rec park continues to paint the baseball field dugouts. Over the past two years, the dugouts at Coldsmith White and Thompson Field have been painted. This year, the staff will be painting Weikert Field dugouts and press box. The staff are currently painting the updated backstop to be replaced in the next few weeks.

Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority wants to thank everyone who continues to support and donate to the park. Thank you to Len Dick Signs for the new welcome sign [pictured above] at the Long Lane and Breckinridge Street entrance of the park and thank you to everyone who donated during the 2021 Giving Spree. The support and donations continue to help us to complete our improvement projects and keep the park beautiful for the community.

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Erin is the Executive Director of the Gettysburg Area Recreational Authority

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