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Steckler for UASD Board

Deb Steckler is running for Upper Adams School District School Director in November as a registered Republican, which she has been for years.  She will be listed as a Democrat on the ballot as a result of an anomaly in the Pennsylvania voting laws.  She is a long-time resident of Adams County and the Upper Adams community. Her children attend UASD schools and have for several years.  She has volunteered in various ways in the schools including the Parent-Teacher associations. Since she decided to run for school board, she has consistently attended board committee and monthly voting meetings to more fully understand the challenges of operating a school district.  She has often approached board members after those meetings with questions that demonstrate she is engaged and eager to learn. 

Deb Steckler is a reasonable person who can be depended upon to make good decisions that support the best interests of the students of the district.  She will forcefully stand up for her positions, thoughtfully pursue compromise when appropriate, and most importantly consistently demonstrate the good judgement to know when to do which.

For all those reasons Deb Steckler is my choice for Upper Adams School District School Director.  I highly recommend her to be your choice as well.

Thomas J. Wilson, III

Rear Admiral, US Navy (Ret)

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Jim Meyer
Jim Meyer
4 months ago

I have a lot of respect for Tom Wilson, his recommendation carries a lot of weight with my family.

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