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The Rec Park…Your Front Yard…..and Your Back Yard Too!!

Given all that’s going on in the world, now is probably not the best time to ask you to
part with some of your hard-earned money. But I’m going to do that anyway!

The Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority (GARA) which operates the Gettysburg
Recreation Park needs your help. While we receive very generous support from Cumberland
Township and the Borough of Gettysburg, those funds simply aren’t enough to keep the park
operating efficiently and effectively. The local government funding covers a great deal of the
operating cost of the park, but when a new roof is needed for the Sterner Building, as it was last
year, there just aren’t enough funds to cover that sort of an expense. If you’ve ever owned a
garden tractor you know that they need on-going maintenance to remain in top functioning shape.
Just mowing the acres and acres of rec park grass costs a lot of money. And if you’ve driven
through the parking lot across from Gettys Street, you’ll notice that it’s a lot like driving over an
open field. It hasn’t been maintained for many, many years and is full of potholes.

Simply put, the rec park is the front yard, and back yard too, for many people who
live in our area. With acres and acres of open fields, the rec park is just a great place to run wild,
especially when you need to blow off some steam. And for those who want a slower pace, there’s
the Biser Trail which allows you to walk on a paved path around the park. Of course, everyone
knows that the rec park is a great place to play baseball, football, softball soccer and just about
any other sport that needs a field. (And by the way, the rec park staff does a terrific job of
maintaining those fields!) There are picnic pavilions and an amphitheater available for rental and
the community’s use as well as the Sterner Building. And several playgrounds for kids of all
ages. The Skate Park and basketball courts attract a younger crowd and there’s a Dog Park for the
little, furry folks. All in all, something for almost everyone.

All of this needs money to support it. How can you help? Simply send in a few bucks.
If everyone who uses the park over a year’s time simply contributed a few dollars, the rec park
could function efficiently and effectively. You may send contributions of any amount to the
Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority (GARA) at 545 Long Lane, Gettysburg PA 17325. No
amount is too small (or too large for that matter!)

An even easier way to donate is to drop some money on our “donation box,” located at
the south end of the Park. This outdoor, secure donation post allows you to simply drop some
money in as you go by. It can’t be any easier!

If you have any questions about where the money goes or any other aspect of the
Gettysburg Rec Park, contact Erin Peddigree, Executive Director at
epeddigree@gettysburgrecpark.com or call her at 717-334-2028.

Thanks, and remember, the Rec Park needs your support!

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Steve Niebler was born and raised in Gettysburg.

He is retired after working at the Adams County Office for Aging, Inc. 34 years, serving as the Director for 31 of those years.

Niebler serves on the Boards of the Gettysburg Area Recreation Authority (GARA), the Adams County Housing Authority (ACHA), Healthy Adams Bike & Pedestrian Inc. (HABPI), and the Cumberland Township Sewer Authority.

He is married to Faye Niebler, has two grown children, and two of the cutest grandkids in the world!

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Max Bramel
Max Bramel
2 years ago

I’ll add that there is a Paypal donation link on the GARA web page at https://www.gara-recpark.info/ although Steve’s suggestions will allow 100% of your donation to go to GARA (Paypal does take a couple percent).

Paul Plank
Paul Plank
2 years ago

Would also like to include mr Steve Williams for the above average work of he and his crew.

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