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Vaccine Information Update

This is an update about the availability of COVID_19 vaccinations in Adams County. 

Most generally, there is limited supply of vaccines. Hospitals and pharmacies are prepared to vaccinate thousands of people every week but the state does not have the vaccines.

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Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Most residents of nursing homes, however, have received their vaccines.  Vaccines for these vulnerable populations have been supplied by a federal program through CVS and Walgreen’s pharmacies.

One way to get on a list for a vaccine is to create an account at Wellspan using the my.wellspan.org portal.  You do not need to be a Wellspan patient. At this time Wellspan is not making new appointments but that could change at any time as it begins mass vaccination programs over the next weeks.

Although the Adams-Cumberland Pharmacies continue to offer vaccines, their supply is limited.  Send an email to bgobin@careoptionsrx.com to get on a list for their vaccines.  You may also call for information at 717-486-8606

You may also call the PA Department of Health hotline at 1-877-724-3258.

One potentially optimistic note is that the Federal Retail Pharmacy Program is expected to begin providing vaccines through local pharmacies soon. And doctor’s offices are also slated to receive supplies.

The state is currently vaccinating people in Phase 1A, which includes people 65 years of age and over and those with some pre-existing conditions.

Click here for a list of local vaccine providers.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about the state rollout.

Click here for information about vaccine safety.

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  • My wife and I have our first shot scheduled for this Friday at Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital. We made the appointment at 2:30 am on the patient portal about a month ago. I can only hope that it is true that we will leave with an appointment card for our second shot. With over 100,000 citizens in our county, I am disappointed that only 6,000 have been vaccinated at least once in the county. The record is shameful. The Governor needs to shake the tree and get the doses moving. I know we had a health department leadership turnover as the director joined the Biden Administration. But, lives are in the balance. Where is the leadership? Where are the doses? Did CVS take our doses?

  • My wife and I just got back from our 6:05 am Moderna vaccinations at Wellspan Gettysburg Hospital. There were two people ahead of us both with 6:00 am appointments. The process went smoothly and fairly quickly. They gave each of us cards with our details and the identification of which vaccine we were taking. The shot was in the upper arm, so wear something like a t-shirt under your warm clothes. After the shot we had to wait 20 minutes in another area, but first, you had to go to a “Register” to make an appointment for the 2nd shot. March 19th.

    • We had our first Moderna vaccination last Friday. Almost no worthy side effects noted. Some tiredness and localized soreness on my shoulder. Nothing of note. I pray our good Lord continues to love the citizens of Gettysburg and Adams County. Amen

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