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Home » News » Wellspan has COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Anyone Over 16 This Week and Next

Wellspan has COVID-19 Vaccines Available for Anyone Over 16 This Week and Next

Wellspan Health reports availability of COVID-19 doses at Adams County sites in the coming days and weeks.

There are a few appointments remaining available this week, but many more next week for any Pennsylvanian 16 years and older.

WellSpan does not utilize the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, so operations have not been impacted at its vaccination sites.

Register for your vaccine at

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  • Completely FAKE News… I check Wellspan’s Website numerous times each day. Have not seen any appointment openings in MONTHS (since January). The Burden of Proof is on YOU. Post a SCREEN SHOT of Wellspan’s Website that shows appointment openings with date and time stamp. Adams County hasn’t even fully vaccinated eligible Category 1A’s and now PA is opening it up to EVERYONE. Last Press Release I read shows Pennsylvania as ranking 46th out of the 50 States in vaccinating eligible Category 1A Seniors!!!
    Show me the Proof!!!!!

      • Hello Charles…
        Many thanks for the Screen Shot! Not sure how that was obtained because it doesn’t appear to have come from a Secure MyWellSpan Patient Portal which I’m basing on the formatting and colors shown. Even though my wife and I FINALLY were able to receive both vaccines through the kindness of a local Healthcare Practitioner, I have seen no appointment openings on the MyWellSpan Patient Portal since early January 2021. Sure wish I could post a Screen Shot of WellSpan Non-Availability on this site. The BIG Question still remains of exactly HOW your screen shot was obtained? P.S. Thanks for posting the review!!!

    • It is at both at Gettysburg Hospital and Adams County emergency services building.

      You can Call (855) 851-3641 (wellspan) to schedule your vaccine appt. by phone. Really fast and easy.

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