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Wellspan Says COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Running Smoothly in Gettysburg

Wellspan spokesperson Ryan Coyle today said that over half of the 975 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine that had been received at the Gettysburg Wellspan Hospital in December had been administered and that more front-line workers would be vaccinated in the coming days.

 “We have the coordination and the [administration] pods set up.  It’s a matter of getting people in there around the holidays and working through our structure,” Coyle said.

The PA Department of Health’s vaccine dashboard indicates that 488 does have been administered at the hospital, but Coyle said there was likely a delay in reporting on the site.

Coyle said the hospital was administering vaccines in order of likely exposure to the virus and that in addition to hospital staff the vaccines were also being administered to independent physicians and EMS workers.  “We’re vaccinating people who come into our building who work closely with our first-line workers. The process is working well.”

Coyle said the hospital was not allowed to, and was not saving, any of its doses for second dose vaccinations.

Coyle said that for security reasons Wellspan would not be announcing when new shipments of the vaccine would be arriving but that information was available on the PA Department of Health’s vaccine dashboard.

According to the Wellspan vaccine website, vaccines will be distributed in three phases when they become available:

  • Phase one (limited supply) includes vaccinating healthcare personnel, EMS first responders, critical workers maintaining core functions, essential workers, people 65 and older and residents in congregate care settings.
  • Phase two (expanded supply) includes expanded vaccination efforts for vulnerable populations and those with high risk health conditions.
  • Phase three (full population supply) includes providing access to a safe and effective vaccine for the entire population.
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John Harry Becker
John Harry Becker
2 years ago

Had an appointment for first covid19vaccine for Feb. 22nd and had to cancel because of snow. I called to reschedule and they said they would call me in the next couple of days . I still have not heard a thing. Will they reschedule my appointment or must i wait again, I have tried and tried with no luck. I am 83 years old with a heart condition and would like to know when I can get one. ( Please advise} John H Becker phone 717-225-1885 Thank you

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