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Where are the Vaccines?

During the week of Dec. 14, Adams County locations received 975 doses of COVID-19 vaccinations.  During the week of January 4, 2021 an additional 800 doses were received.  Assuming there must be 3 weeks between doses (and it could be just 2 weeks), by the end of the week of January 4 there should have been roughly 450 people fully inoculated for Covid-19.  The actual figure was 9 people according to the PA Department of Health.

As of January 12, 1,267 people have received the first dose and 113 have received both. 

What is the problem?  Even if half of the doses were set aside for the required second vaccination the County is way, way behind.  This dismal showing comes on the heels of the worst month the county has had during the pandemic.  56% of all cases in the county happened in December.

What is the hold up?  Since December 14, forty-one of our family, neighbors and friends in Adams County have died from COVID-19 and community spread remains at substantial levels.

Who is in charge?  My experience tells me that when no one is in charge nothing much happens.

Tom Wilson,

Rear Admiral, US Navy (Retired)

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  • Agree. It would also be helpful to have communications as to how we will be notified when each group is eligible to be vaccinated and how will we sign up. Hopefully, there will be a way to make an appointment so we don’t have older folks having to wait in line like you see in Florida. Not sure who is responsible for creating these processes but it would be helpful to many of us to know.

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