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Home » News » As county cases dip, Gettysburg Connection will stop updating its virus page.

As county cases dip, Gettysburg Connection will stop updating its virus page.

As the number of new COVID-19 cases in the county ebbs and many health mandates have been lifted, Gettysburg Connection will stop updating its coronavirus page as of Friday June 4.

This page has been visited over 70,000 times since March 2020 and has been the #1 hit on Google for Adams County Coronavirus information.

The situation in the county currently is stable, but still potentially precarious.

The total number of cases since the pandemic began currently stands at 9,558 with 183 deaths attributed to the virus.

There were only 140 new cases over the last two weeks, and the positivity rate stands currently at five percent, which is at or below the threshold for concerns about widespread community transmission.

But Adams is below the state average on vaccination rate, at about 41 percent in comparison to the state average of 54 percent.

There were no masks in sight at the Memorial Day parade, and although it was outside people were very close together. Unvaccinated people are still susceptible to catching and spreading COVID-19.

Health agencies are still asking people to be cautious – new virus cases dipped last summer as well and then rebounded in the fall.

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  • I very much appreciate you providing this information. The Gettysburg Times should have done this also.

  • The vast majority of people weren’t wearing masks but I saw two at “Taps” and many store/ restaurant workers had them on. I wish Connection would continue the covid reporting for a few more months as things become better. It’s of interest to figure out where the few cases might be coming from as summer events unfold.

  • Why would you stop covid reporting when the most important data will be “what happens as restrictions are lifted” and masks not being required for many. Add to this, no one knowing who really is not wearing a mask and what their vaccinated status making this an especially important time period for reporting data of infection rates, including whether vaccinated and getting infected, and the payload of those vaccinated infected person’s info – and strain – being essential.

    Grant you — usually cases go down as summer approaches but with the new strains around, illegals streaming into our country and being shipped all over the USA, people traveling outside the USA and back with little restrictions, this data — if gathered properly – with be of utmost importance.

    Reports and statistics of hospitals who are tracking data of those vaccinated, payloads of virus in their systems who contract covid after vaccination, types of strains those people who were vaccinated and spreading even though vaccinated , is again, important info.

    This is not the time to stop educating or reporting ” the spread” and other important info as to what is around, where, or who is getting, spreading covid.

    The info I would really like to see is how much Spread is through places like dental, doctor, eye care, hospital services ( and where by zip code ) ; and how safe it really is to go about life as we once knew it, especially if you are in the comprised percentage — which is Huge with all that is considered comprised persons.

    So – instead of stopping this reporting, I think you should do more in depth reporting of the facts that are needed to protect oneself.

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