Second Ken Burns Film Festival Draws 4000

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Gettysburg’s second Ken Burns Film Festival and third major celebration of historical films in little more than a year drew 4000+ people to events this weekend. This time the leading attractions weren’t Gettysburg’s George Pickett (Stephen Lang) and James Longstreet (Tom Berenger) but instead were Law and Order prosecutor Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston) and West

Opinion: Why does the Republican Party want America to lose?

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I still remember in October 2009, when conservatives openly gloated about the rejection of the US bid to host the 2016 Olympic games. “”THE EGO HAS LANDED: WORLD REJECTS OBAMA” said the conservative Drudge Report website after the opportunity to host the games in Chicago lost out to Rio de Janiero. The reason seemed be,

Habitat for Humanity honors Bob “Coach” Remaley

adams count habitat for humanit

For the past dozen years or so, if you wanted to know the construction status of a Habitat for Humanity home in Adams County, what was due to happen next, which volunteer groups were due to work when, which weekends had plenty of volunteers and when help was needed, when the project would need electricians,

Gettysburg the …… World War II Center?

battle of the bulge conference gettysurg 2024

Our hometown took a large step to solidify its position as a leading center of World War II studies and commemoration with a major conference on the Battle of the Bulge, held at the World War II American Experience Museum in Gettysburg on Jan. 27. The conference was sponsored by the Battle of the Bulge

GNMP honors veterans of The Battle of the Bulge

Dan vermilya

The hometown of one of the greatest battles ever fought by the U.S. Army paid homage to another battle yesterday. On the 79th anniversary of the beginning of the Battle of the Bulge, Eisenhower Farm Historic Site ranger Dan Vermilya hosted a walk and reflection in the National Cemetery. The World War 2 so-called Battle

Dedication Day celebrates 160th Anniversary of Gettysburg Address

dedication day

A collection of Gettysburg royalty, including Acting Park Superintendent Zachary Bolitho; Gettysburg College president Robert Iuliano; Gettysburg Foundation chair Wayne Motts; Lincoln scholar and Lincoln Forum chair Harold Holzer; writer and policy analyst Susan Eisenhower; and Wendy Allen, president of the Lincoln Fellowship, moved indoors to the Majestic Theater to celebrate the 160th anniversary of

Maryland Governor Wes Moore speaks at 22nd annual Blavatt Lecture

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“The only way things improve,” Maryland Governor Wes Moore told a crowd of several hundred at the Eisenhower Institute’s 22nd Annual Blavatt Lecture, “is when the younger generation pushes us to improve.” Speaking on the topic, “More than Waving a Flag: Redefining American Democracy in a Gen-Z World,” Moore advised younger people, “We can scream

County celebrates the 30th anniversary of iconic “Gettysburg” film

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Director Ron Maxwell, actors Stephen Lang and Tom Berenger, and a dozen other cast members and crew joined hundreds of starstruck history and movie buffs this weekend to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1993 release of the film “Gettysburg.” The celebrations occurred across the county at the Adams County Historical Society (ACHS), the Seminary

Gettysburg College author discusses Black history in Gettysburg

jill ogline titus

Jill Ogline Titus, deputy director of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College and the author of Gettysburg 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in America’s Most Famous Small Town, spoke at the Lutheran Seminary’s Valentine Hall on “A New Birth of Freedom? Civil Rights and Black History in 20th Century Gettysburg.”

Norm and Carolyn Nunamaker win Gettysburg Connection Outstanding Community Contributor Award

carolyn george nunamaker

Norm and Carolyn Nunamaker, who have spent the past 25 years building and leading the Gettysburg Chamber Orchestra (GCO), have won Gettysburg Connection’s Outstanding Community Contributor Award. The couple’s last concert as orchestra directors will take place at the Lutheran Seminary Chapel at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, featuring works by Antonin Dvorak. The guest soloist

32nd Annual Peace Camp concludes

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The 32nd annual Peace Camp, sponsored by the International Center for Peace and Justice, wrapped up its week on Friday. The camp was held at the VIDA Charter School and was attended by about 75 students, junior counselors, and counselors. The week included sessions on identity, belonging, service learning, mediation, and community change, as well

Gettysburg Garden Club helps new homeowners

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A long-term partnership came to fruition on Friday when volunteers from the Gettysburg Garden Club turned out at the newest Habitat for Humanity construction site on Orrtanna Rd. and transformed the front planting area from bare soil to a fully planted and mulched display of bushes. The project was the brainchild of Garden Club member

The “Living Library” – Volume 2: Levato (“Vetti”) Jacobs (Thomas)

living book

We have much wisdom to gain by learning to understand other people’s cultures and permitting ourselves to accept that there is more than one version of reality. — Louis Menand, Pulitzer Prize-winning author. When people mention “the Greatest Generation,” they’re usually referring to the men who rid the world forcibly of Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese

The lasting appeal of Gettysburg

hunter students

“We had an almost mystical visit to the cemetery,” said Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer about his recent trip to Gettysburg with 19 Hunter College students. “We walked in via the route Lincoln took and visited the soldiers’ monument plus the now famous rhododendron bush [recently identified as the spot where Lincoln stood to deliver his

GASD board plans to review library book purchases


The GASD school board took a small step toward board review of library book purchases at the April 17 meeting. Board member Michele Smyers questioned a routine notification of book purchases for the library and suggested that board members should review such purchases before they are approved. She stated she had reviewed the proposed purchase

GASD Board hears concerns about bullying and hate speech

GASD Middle School

Two parents expressed concerns at Monday evening’s Gettysburg Area School District school board meeting about the lack of administrative policy and action to protect students from hate speech and in-person or cyber-bullying at district schools. Jenine Weaver, who has four children in district schools, said that “hate speech is running rampant,” particularly slurs aimed at

GASD Board approves parental challenges for library media


The Gettysburg Area School Board has approved a change to its library media policy that will allow parents to specify material that their children may not read. The new policy instructs the school system staff to develop a system that will allow parents to specify books their children shouldn’t have access to. Despite the potentially-contentious

Qually announces commissioner candidacy

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Editor’s note; Are you running for office? Gettysburg Connection wants to share your candidacy. Just send us a note: The two Adams County Republican commissioners, Jim Martin and Randy Phiel, have also opened their reelection campaigns. Incumbent Democratic Adams County Councilmember Marty Qually officially opened his campaign for reflection at the Democratic Party headquarters

GASD proposes a way to prevent students from reading “challenged” books but says it will not ban them


An amended version of Gettysburg Area School District’s policy on library materials and resources was considered by the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday evening, moving closer to formal board consideration on March 6. The only change to the policy is the addition of this line:   “The Superintendent or Designee will develop a procedure to

Jimmy Carter, An Under-appreciated President

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A rough consensus has emerged about Jimmy Carter’s presidency (1977-1981) and his subsequent life. Between his work on democracy and elections and his work volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, there is little doubt that he set a standard for the post-presidency not likely to be equaled. And this record has been widely acknowledged, including the

A rumination about an aging county

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Way back when I was a youthful 68 years old, I was the one people told “I’d have never believed you were that old.” Now, five years later, time has caught up and I’m the one who everyone asks, “May I carry your tray, Sir?” As philosopher Ferris Bueller observed, “Life moves pretty fast. If you

Pamela Cooper-White Speaks on Christian Nationalism

Pamela Cooper White

“Christian Nationalism is a radical, fanatical departure from the teachings of Jesus and any faithful reading of either the Hebrew Bible or the New Testament, and it is also dangerously anti-democratic,” said Orrtanna resident Pamela Cooper-White, speaking on the second anniversary of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington by

SCCAP’s finances are stable, but many challenges lie ahead.


Megan Shreve, Executive Director of South Central Community Action Programs (SCCAP), addressed the state of SCCAP and issues affecting the county in a recent presentation to the members of in a recent presentation to the members of the county’s advocacy group, Democracy for America. Saying SCCAP’s condition is currently very, Shreve said financial stability has

How Christian Nationalism gets it wrong and disrespects U.S. military forces

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Adams County’s State Senator Doug Mastriano used his Christian Nationalist beliefs to argue in a recent Gettysburg Times opinion piece that the battlefield successes of United States military forces are part of his Christian God’s plan for our nation and that two of the American army’s greatest accomplishments, including George Washington’s escape from the British

GASD Elects Officers, Announces New Deputy Superintendent


At Gettysburg Area School District’ annual reorganization meeting last evening, President Kenneth Hassinger was re-elected as Board President for 2023 and Mike Dickerson was elected Vice President. Both votes were split with 8 members in favor and Amy Beth Hodges voting against. The board agreed to comply with state and federal laws, designated the Gettysburg

As board members reconsider its value, GASD renovation project moves forward

GASD Board 2022

The Gettysburg Area School District School Board voted yesterday evening to resume discussions about the proposed project to replace the HVAC system, roofing, lighting, and other facilities at Lincoln and James Gettys Elementary schools. The board had rejected a motion to move forward with the project in Sept. Board President Kenny Hassinger, along with board

Dedication Day ceremony celebrates 159th anniversary of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


A collection of Gettysburg royalty – Park Superintendent Steve Sims, Gettysburg College President Robert Iuliano, Gettysburg Foundation President Wayne Motts, Lincoln Fellowship President The Reverend Steve Herr, and Gettysburg Forum chair Harold Holzer – together with superstar historians John Meacham and Dr. Allen Guelzo, gathered in the National Cemetery today to celebrate the 159th anniversary

American Battlefield Trust hopes to purchase General Pickett’s Buffet

PXL 20221113 1359353901

In the first major land preservation action in the core area of the of the Gettysburg battlefield since the 2003 demolition of the Home Sweet Home Motel, the American Battlefield Trust (ABT) plans to purchase the site of General Pickett’s Buffet Restaurant located on the southern edge of Gettysburg at 571 Steinwehr Avenue. The site is

2022 Viewers Election Guide: How is the Vote Going?

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Traditionally, when the vast majority of votes were cast on election day, there were states where it was possible to project most Senate and congressional races within an hour or so after polls closed and it was possible for an attentive viewer to forecast trends by perhaps 9:00, certainly 10:00 in the evening. The advent

Battle of the Bulge veterans tour WWII and Civil War sites

Vets copseMaryAnnSmith

Over 150 members of the Battle of the Bulge Association (BOBA), including 10 Bulge veterans, visited Gettysburg recently for a weekend of fun, reunion, and education. The Battle of the Bulge, fought in 1944 and 1945, was the last major German offensive campaign during World War II. The veterans represented a wide range of Bulge

Dan Moul’s Debate Performance

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Having been called out by name by Dan Moul at Wednesday night’s debate, I’d like to claim the privilege to respond. First, Dan Moul started his two-minute opening remarks criticizing opponent Marty Qually for having already gone negative. “I didn’t know we were going into the attack mode right off the bat – I was

GASD School Board Rejects James Gettys/Lincoln Elementary HVAC Project

Lincoln Elementary1

The Gettysburg Area School District (GASD) Board of Directors voted last night to reject a proposed $33,789,000 project that would have replaced the HVAC systems and perform other work at James Gettys and Lincoln elementary schools. The vote effectively delays the project at least a year unless there is an emergency. The business meeting was

Why are the Republicans so angry about college debt relief?

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The student debt crisis is largely one of the Republicans’ making. Among the main reasons college became so unaffordable is the slashed state contributions to their state college systems, started during the Reagan presidency, largely brought about because of the George Bush recession and engineered by Republican state legislatures. The average state spent $1,448, or

Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin discusses worldwide move from democracy

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Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin’s appearance at Gettysburg College drew approximately 100 people, roughly divided between seniors and college students. The event was sponsored by Gettysburg College Jewish Studies. Her topic was “Defending American Democracy: The Midterm Test.”  Rubin started by saying she had enjoyed her battlefield tour earlier in the day, and had just

John Fetterman: Do You Believe Anything?

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When I first read about PA State Senate candidate John Fetterman renting a plane to tow a banner making fun of his opponent Mehmet Oz’s New Jersey home, I thought that was clever. And reinforcing it with an ad featuring reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” jabbing at Oz for leaving his

Why State Legislatures Are Important

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With continuing gridlock in Washington and increased state legislative action on guns, election laws, abortion, and many other issues, state legislatures are more and more important. Republicans have had an advantage in state governments for a long time but this advantage grew significantly in 2010, when Democratic timidity in the face of the Obamacare backlash

Local sculptor’s statue dedicated in York

dignitaries poses

PA Governor Tom Wolf and other dignitaries gathered in front of the William Goodridge Freedom Center and Underground Railroad site in York on Friday. They were there to unveil and dedicate a monument of William Goodridge, who was born in slavery but became one of York’s leading businessmen and a major leader on the Underground

Protecting the presidential line of succession

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When I first broke into the U.S. government consulting business, in 1981, I worked briefly on the continuity of government (COG) program. In particular, I worked on the part of it that was concerned with maintaining the presidential line of succession. I was impressed with the number of statements I signed promising not to breathe

Gettysburg Monuments Play Debuts

pale erections1

“Pale Erections: The Monuments Play,” a play based loosely on the militia/white supremacist takeover of Gettysburg National Military Park on July 4, 2000, made its debut before an appreciative audience Friday, May 27 at the Howard County Arts Council in Ellicott City. The play is written by Gettysburg native Kramer Hardman and directed by Gettysburg

Savas Beatie Authors/Readers Gather at Gettysburg

The leading trade publisher of Civil War and other military history books, Savas Beatie, sponsored their 3rd Gettysburg Meetup from August 12-15. The meetup gave a chance for approximately 200 Civil War enthusiasts to meet at least 20 Savas Beatie authors in informal settings, attend battlefield tours, hear author presentations and panel discussions – and

Lomas Center Civil War Museum opens in Gettysburg

In Gettysburg, where much of the tourist infrastructure is aging, it is a very welcome event when a brand new, first-rate, historic attraction opens. The Lomas Center museum, located at 50 Mayor Alley, behind the Farnsworth House promises to become a significant stop on the circuit for history-minded visitors. A private museum operated by the

Sen. Doug Mastriano Endangers Local Businesses

I write books that sell to tourists. Like everyone else, last year was a “survive until next year”year. I plan to sell several thousand copies this year – if it’s recovery year. But to do that, thetourists have to come. And looking around the area and reading all the literature, I believe theonly thing that

Will Pennsylvania Ban Mail-in Voting?

When former president Trump demanded that state legislators in Michigan and Pennsylvania – and undoubtedly other states — step in and steal the election in their state, they frequently replied, “We can’t intervene as the President asks because our state laws give us no role in choosing electors.” Republican efforts to disenfranchise millions of voters

What’s At Stake for Millennials in the 2020 Elections

In all likelihood, the president elected in 2020 may well be the last president elected from the baby boom (Trump) or earlier (Biden) generation. The question for younger voters is what does the 2020 election have to do with us? The answer is, more than you can imagine. This election will go a long way

Checks and Balances

One thing on the ballot in 2020 is the basic concept of checks and balances and with it, the viability of our democracy. The Constitutional Convention was one of the most divided assemblies ever. There wasn’t even agreement that a new constitution was needed. People who wanted a stronger federal government disagreed with those who

Unemployment Claims in Adams County Soar Due to COVID-19

042620 0119 Unemploymen1

The Adams County workforce has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus shutdown with almost ten times as many workers receiving unemployment benefits now than before the health crisis began. Statistics gathered by the Pennsylvania State Center for Workforce Information and Analysis show that in early March, 599 people (about 1% of the total county labor

Opinion: Don’t Forget the Census Amid the Crisis


The decennial census has arrived, almost exactly at the same time as the possible impacts of the COVID-19 virus became evident. The near-shutdown is going to make everything about the count more complicated and puts pressure on everyone to complete their census count on their own and as soon as possible. The official “Census Day”

@Home Coalition Discusses Contemporary Development Strategies in Adams County

122319 2255 HomeCoaliti1

“It is not just the creation of jobs, but the capacity created in a community to identify and use resources for long-term growth.” Gary Laird, president, Hanover Chamber of Commerce. Local business and nonprofit leaders as well as interested community members met at HACC on Wednesday at the December @Home Community Coalition meeting. The purpose

Civil War Scholarship Alive and Well at Lincoln Forum

112019 1308 CivilWarSch1

More than 350 scholars and enthusiasts met November 16-18 at the Wyndham Gettysburg Hotel for three days of discussions about Lincoln and the Civil War at the 24th annual Lincoln Forum. It was the largest crowd in the forum’s 24-year history. Lincoln biographer Sidney Blumenthal (right) meets his biographical subject (impersonator George Buss) Presenters discussed