FASD delays budget vote; approves roof repair

The Fairfield Area School District board (FASD) voted unanimously on May 10 to award bids for contractors to begin roof work on the elementary and middle and high school. Following a discussion with William Mooney, district buildings and grounds supervisor, the board approved the contracts in its consent agenda. The awarded bids included $592,000 to

GASD honors retirees

The Gettysburg Area School board honored 14 long-time employees with over 300 years of service with certificates and rounds of applause at their meeting on Monday. “You can never replace the individuals. Thank you all for your dedication to the district and most importantly the kids of our community,” said Superintendent Jason Perrin. The retiring

GASD wrestles with its budget, preparing for a vote on June 7

Gettysburg Area School District staff presented a detailed and comprehensive look at the district’s 2021-22 budget on Monday evening, while proposing a modest 1.2 percent tax increase to reduce the possibility of severe funding difficulties in the future. District Business Manager Belinda Wallen said the parts of the budget the district was able to control

Childcare and Community Health Services Proposed for the $3.4 Million Adaptive Reuse Project

The Adams County Industrial Development Authority (ACIDA) is partnering with the Bermudian Springs School District (BSSD) on a community and economic development project—being called the Northern Adams Childcare and Community Health Project—that aims to repurpose the district’s former middle school. The project was sparked by Dr. Shane Hotchkiss, BSSD Superintendent, who engaged the Adams Economic

Bermudian Drafts a Preliminary 2021-22 Budget

The Bermudian Springs school board approved its tentative 2021-22 budget during its meeting on Tuesday evening. The approved budget included $33,177,119 in expenses and $31,241,993 in revenue. A tentative real estate tax rate of 4.1 percent or 12.9766 mills was included. The tax rates approved Monday cannot go up from the approved amount but could

UASD hears budget updates and encourages community feedback

UASD Zoom 5.4

Upper Adams School District (UASD) board heard preliminary budget revisions and encouraged community feedback Tuesday.    The public will soon learn the results of an independent investigation following racial accusations on UASD campus, according to school board President Tom Wilson. An executive summary report is planned for release May 18, according to Superintendent Dr. Wesley

Should GASD Raise Taxes? Board Debates the Issue

Gettysburg Area School District (GASD) board members expressed concern Monday evening about the 1.2 percent tax increase Superintendent Jason Perrin said was needed to keep the district in the black. Perrin said his team had reduced still another $1.2 million in spending while not affecting student learning and that the proposed 2021-2022 budget was only

LASD Awards Student Achievement; Approves Capital Projects

The Littlestown Area School District Board has approved repairs and upgrades to be made at the Alloway Creek Elementary School (ACES) and the Littlestown High School (LHS) during the 2021-2022 school year. ACES will get needed cosmetic repairs including regrading and reseeding of the grass areas between the playground and the school building.  The existing

GASD Proposes a 1.3 Percent Tax Increase for 2021-2022

Gettysburg Area School District Superintendent Jason Perrin said the district has found a way to reduce another $1.2 million in spending for the 2021-22 school year over the past two weeks. He said the cuts were difficult to find but had been accomplished without impacting student programming. The proposed budget will keep the minimum unassigned

CVSD Honors Students, Looks at 2020-21 Tax Increases

The Conewago Valley school board discussed possible tax increases for the 2021-22 budget during its regular board meeting on Monday evening. The board also reviewed challenges and successes as it wraps up the current school year and prepares for a new one. Six new teaching jobs were included in the 2021-22 budget, which has yet

Gettysburg Colleges’ Painted Turtle Farm Needs Our Help

Gettysburg College’s 4000 square foot community garden, the Painted Turtle Farm, is located northwest of campus near the observatory. The garden has plots for 16 families to cultivate their own food and serves as a campus-community hub for food justice. The farm has applied for a grant to expand fruit production and enhance children’s education

Ignoring Recommendations of its Administrators, FASD School Board Votes to Reopen * Board member Rhonda Myers Retires

The Fairview Area School District board decided in a narrow 5-4 vote during its Monday meeting to have all grades return to school in-person and full-time beginning April 12. Treasurer Rhonda Myers, Secretary Lauren K. Clark, and board members Lashay Kalathas, Jack Liller and David Millstein voted for reopening the schools full-time while Board President

LASD Considers Extra School Days; Reconsiders Hybrid Learning

The Littlestown Area School District Board members gave a reluctant and nearly unanimous aye vote to accept the resignation of the district’s Business Manager, Michael Statler on Monday evening, February 22, 2021. The dissenting votes were cast to express sorrow at Statler’s departure. Statler was hired to his position with the school district six and

Republicans hammer education leaders over proposed charter school cuts in Pennsylvania

By Christen Smith (the Center Square)  (The Center Square) – Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives pressed the Department of Education on Monday over the governor’s proposed cuts to charter school funding, even as the public districts meant to benefit sit on millions in reserves and federal disaster aid, they said. The questions came

Adams Faces Rural Broadband Shortages that Challenge Education, Manufacturing, and Agriculture

Speaking at an online meeting of the @Home in Adams County Initiative yesterday, Center for Rural Pennsylvania Director Kyle Kopko said Adams County has only about 197 people per square mile, and that like other rural counties, it ranks below the state average for internet download speeds. Kopko said households without adequate broadband are poorer

UASD Hears Calls for Charter School Reform * Secondary Reopening Stymied by County Virus Figures

In his legislative report to the Upper Adams School District board on Monday, board member Christopher Fee noted the many burdens charter schools place on school district finances.  Fee said 350 school districts across the commonwealth are “calling for charter school reform. There are good charter schools, there are less good charter schools, but the

UASD Hires Attorneys to Investigate Alleged Racism

The Upper Adams School District today announced the appointment of Fox Rothschild Attorneys at Law of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the third-party investigator to conduct an independent, unbiased assessment of the District’s policies, procedures and response to alleged acts of racism and/or ethnic discrimination recently shared by students and alumni of Biglerville High School on social

CVSD Takes Aim at Charter Schools

Following a report by Superintendent Christopher Rudisill saying supposedly “free” charter and cyber schools cost the district $4.2 million, Conewago Valley School District (CVSD) approved a resolution calling for changes to charter school funding. “While you may hear that these schools claim they are free; they really are not free at all,” said Rudisill. Rudisill

Bermudian Responds to Anonymous Complaint, Deals with COVID-19 Frustrations

Bermudian Springs Superintendent Shane Hotchkiss expressed frustration with state pandemic-related regulations and guidance for schools during the school board’s meeting on Monday evening. “Two weeks ago– so there’s an anonymous line that somebody can call and complain about any school district not meeting and following the attestation,” Hotchkiss said. “I received a complaint. I got

FASD Considers Full Reopening; Honors School Board

During its meeting Monday evening, the Fairfield Area School District discussed early preparations for returning kids to school on a more normal schedule, but cautioned that it may be awhile before that’s possible. Superintendent Michael Adamek said that he hopes cases of COVID-19 decline to the point that schools can fully reopen. “I think at

UASD Begins Budget Process; Allows Spectators at Sporting Events

Upper Adams School District (UASD) Business Administrator Shelley Hobbs began the school board’s discussion on the 2021-22 budget by focusing on its salary and benefits aspects, saying “these are the parts of the budget we can control.” Hobbs noted benefits paid to employees through the Pennsylvania Public Schools Employee Retirement System (PSERS) system had increased

Upper Adams Deals with Alleged Racism

Upper Adams School District (UASD) is dealing this week with controversy surrounding a Facebook page alleging a history of incidents of racism at Biglerville High School. District Superintendent Wesley Doll said in a letter posted to the district’s website on Sunday that high school principal Beth Graham and assistant principal Nathan Becker would be available

GASD Recognizes Board, Voices Concern over Charter School Costs

Noting that January is School Director Recognition Month, Gettysburg Area School District (GASD) Superintendent Jason Perrin recognized board members for their service. “This is a time for us to celebrate and recognize the challenging and vital work boards do on behalf of our students, schools, and families,” said Perrin. Perrin said the impact of the

County School Districts Struggle with COVID, but Remain Mostly Open for Now

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Faced with Dozens of Potential COVID cases, Fairfield School Board Votes to Continue Every Other Day Schooling

After hearing  District Nurse Kristi Ebaugh report that the district had sent home 69 students with “symptoms mimicking COVID” since the start of school, the Fairfield Area School District (FASD) Board of Directors voted to maintain for this semester the current A/B hybrid model in which children at all grade levels come to school only

Gettysburg College Confronts Fallout from Its Abbreviated In-Person Learning Experiment

Acknowledging the decision to send students in its sophomore, junior, and senior classes home had “created unwelcome tension on campus, among students, and with the college as a whole,” college president Bob Iuliano announced today that students who were not remaining on campus would receive a ten percent reduction in their tuition and that 80

As COVID-19 Continues to Spread on Campus, Most Gettysburg College Students to Go Home

gettysburg college 1

Gettysburg College today gave up its hope of providing a residential learning experience for all of its students, announcing that only first-year students, transfer students, international students, and select other students who are unable to return home due to personal or academic reasons will be allowed to stay in on campus. This will be a

Gettysburg College Reports 33 New Cases of COVID-19, Citing a “Concerning Pattern Shift”

gettysburg college

[An update to this story is available here] Gettysburg College has reported on its website that at 33 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified among students as a result of the second round of testing completed Monday through Wednesday last week. Associate Director of Communications Mike Baker confirmed that some students who have tested

Gettysburg College Details its Reopening Plans

college tents

Gettysburg College has extensively detailed its comprehensive plans for reopening in a series of town hall meetings that are recorded on the college website. Julie Ramsey, Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students, said the campus had “tried to reimagine almost everything that goes on at Gettysburg College” to prepare for the pandemic.

Gettysburg College Prepares for Reopening

Gettysburg College Logo.svg

As fall approaches, universities throughout the United States have been forced to decide whether or not to reopen during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite concerns about possible surges in cases, lack of access to testing, and the risk of exposure to the virus, many colleges have decided to push forward with a reopening plan. In

Littlestown Kindergarten Teacher Wins WITF/Rotary Teacher Impact Award

IMG 0916

Alloway Creek Elementary School Kindergarten teacher Justine Garman has won the 2020 Teacher Impact Award presented by Rotary District 7390 and WITF. The award was for Garman’s “dedication to her students and her community.” Garman was the Adams County winner, selected out of almost 250 nominations and joining teachers from six other Pennsylvania counties. “I

GASD Tunes up Online Learning, Prepares for Fall 2020


Hundreds of teachers and administrators in the Gettysburg Area School District (GASD) are working together to tweak the ongoing remote learning technology, curriculum, and grading systems, while collaborating on plans for the fall semester. Speaking about the unexpected move to virtual learning that started over one weekend in March, GASD Instructional Technology Director Ann Baum